Body for Women .. Lo Carb Bar Review

A few weeks ago Body for Women ( Body Science ) contacted me and offered me the opportunity ( along with several other health and fitness type bloggers ) to try some of their sports nutrition products for women.

As if I wasn't excited!

Here is the link to the  Body for Women website with all of their details. 
There is heaps of advice to get you going and keep you motivated.  Check out the delish sounding recipes! 

Honestly, I have seen their products on the shelves at the supermarket and the thought had crossed my mind to try them, but with so many products on the market I admit to being a little overwhelmed.  And truthfully, I just couldn't be bothered trying to determine which would be better for me!

I have tried different products before .. protein bars, powders, drinks, balls ... for one reason or another, however haven't really found one that I really liked.  Maybe because the ones I have tried in the past have not been designed specifically for women.

These days, I'm more of a whole foods kind of girl ... I don't usually go for extra supplementation by way of protein bars or powders.  I prefer to try and get everything I need from whole, natural foods .. and I'm pretty happy with the results so far!
But, I admit, there are times when I do need a little extra help .. mostly in the grab it and run food area.

So, getting back to BSc .. they have provided me with three different products to have a crack at.  I am going to review them each individually so as not to make the post too long.

First up, the Body for Women Lo Carb Protein Bar.

I loved it!  Why?

It actually tastes pretty good.  I got to try the Lemon Meringue, however I was caught without a snack one day so I thought I might try one of the other flavours .. Swisse Choc.
I preferred the chocolate one. I feel like I'm eating a chocolate bar only is one isn't really bad for me! Bonus!

I usually eat one if I have a break between clients for a quick snack with a little bit of fruit. Other times I will devour one before or after training if it's not a meal time or I'm not able to sit down for a proper meal within an hour. It gets me through until my next meal.

I've also found myself throwing one in my bag if I'm out and about with the kids and I know there aren't any great snack options available.  Handy, but don't put them under something heavy .. they're a bit squishy .. ooops!

And they are gluten free .. Not that I'm intolerant but I have had some adverse digestion issues with other bars. And no, I will not subject you to the details!

The low down from Bsc on the bars ...

* High Protein Thermogenic Bar
* Great Tasting, Carb Conscious Bar
* Satisfies your hunger cravings
* Gluten Free
* Vitamin and Mineral Booster

"Body for women is a scientific nutritional supplement designed to improve female’s body shape whiles giving them a healthy eating option. Your life is full enough without having the added pressure of sticking to a healthy eating plan. Body gives all females the opportunity to look and feel great in a simple guilt free shaping protein supplement."

I have found that this bar, for me and my personal use, is a great option when I need a healthy, nutritious snack that will get me through.  Don't forget though, this is not a meal replacement and Bsc mention this also on their site ...

All up, I have been really happy with this choice for an on the run snack option.  Will definitely use again.

Have you tried the Body for Women Lo Carb Bar?  What are your thoughts?
Fit Mum x   


Deb said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I haven't tried them but am coeliac, so it's rare that you can get GF ones, so I love that they are!